Yoga is for everyone. Whether you work out regularly, lead a sedentary lifestyle, or even if you are overcoming illness or injury, the practice of yoga brings benefit to all. Yoga poses, called asanas, exercise and awaken every part of the body.

The turmoil of daily life brings stress and tension to the body and mind, creating anxiety, depression, restlessness and rage. Yoga asanas, while appearing to deal with the physical body alone, actually influence the chemical balance of the brain, which in turn improves one’s mental state of being.  Unlike other forms of exercise that can strain muscles and joints, yoga gently rejuvenates the body and mind. Circulation, respiration, even internal organs and glands benefit from the yoga practice. Yoga creates strength and flexibility; but perhaps even more importantly, it brings calmness and clarity to the mind, leaving the practitioner relaxed and renewed.

Many people are drawn to yoga as a way to keep the body fit and supple; or perhaps to address a specific injury or condition, like tension or backache. You can achieve these things – and more. Yoga is a complete science, originating in India thousands of years ago. It is the oldest holistic discipline known to man, encompassing body, mind and spirit.

Practicing yoga is not a competitive sport. All the poses can be modified and adapted to each person’s current physical condition. Each person works in accordance with their own abilities and limitations, improving strength and flexibility over time. Your yoga instructor will help guide you safely through the practice on your path to a greater sense of health and well being.


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